Thursday, September 19, 2013

PURPOSE OF EXISTENCE - random thoughts to fro and back

Decorated precious in tender eyes
I seek to sew dreams
Together we slip back into those tiny shoes

Trailing thoughts sense a direction
From vagaries to whisperings
Mindful and mindless of my present

Gathering withered petals
Once in bloom swaying to lush-green tunes
Wrapped to carry effervescence in spongy wraps
Of clouds journeying the sky
A germinated hope soothes the gardener
To spout tender love - the purpose of his existence

Where does one seek retribution?
When warm memories wake up
To bitter darkness of grotesque inflictions
Left to gather a desiccated spirit

Where does one seek retribution?
Of rampant humiliations
Chained to chauvinistic sacrosanct boundaries
Permeating the gallows -sought by saturation of patience
Satiating intolerance of stony silences, yet
Revealing a pale echo of untold tales of horror

Where does one seek retribution?
Of the savagery that chews life, hollow,
Out of the loved ones burning in the anguish
Left to gather the remnants of the bud born of their blood

Where does one seek retribution?
When the fight throws open new dimensions
Redefining the purpose of existence.

Transmuted back to staggering heels
Desperate attempts to find a balance
Reveal the polarity of the warmth of my cocoon
Catalyzing the purpose of my existence today
In the giggling, resounding bliss
Of innocent ignorance
Growing in my garden
To bloom and sow her own seeds of hope and happiness

 I am still trying to find a balance in living with thoughts of happy motherhood and the challenges that come along and perhaps, that is why I find myself restrained from being vocal about the many things that come under the umbrella of bitter truths that bites a parent. Howsoever, unfortunate, I find the confidence in them to carry on, incredible and the very thought of having even a finger in those shoes is shivering. I find them working harder than anyone else to sustain the spirit of life and living.

Verse First ~ Just Past Center


  1. There is nothing that gives us hope more than a child - even in the face of the bleakness globally - in their childish innocence, we can only dream of a world worthy of them. Great write, kiddo.

  2. full of hope and love, this is really nice and very full.

  3. Well done. The promise of tomorrow rests in the hands of every child. Hope, always hope!

  4. Your explanatory paragraph at the end is much appreciated and clarifying. Thank you.

  5. So daughters are grown and I have been blessed by each moment they have given me

  6. Motherhood is one of the most amazing experiences, can be frustrating too at times. May you find that balance.


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