Monday, July 22, 2013


I stood there
Embraced wet by the familiar Western Ghats
Where looming peaks stand in eternity,
Misty by the touch of a balloon of rain-laden clouds,
Childhood summers shimmered azure
Winding along the roads, now concrete,
Bursting open the city-bred
To piquant green shades.

I stood there,
Transmuted to the porous scents of grandma’s kitchen
In earthen pots and porcelain jars
Swelling with ground spices, pickles and savouries
Embroiled with the fragrance of love

I stood there
Beguiled by a blithe sojourn
Under an umbrella holding up to a drizzle
Dripping droplets from its conical corners
Perforating into hibernated passages of time
Warmed by thin streams of light
Floating in through glass 
Wedged in the tapering roof tiles
Where life lives knitted
In the simplicity of desires and selfless considerations

I stood there
Beckoned to step out of a humdrum abyss
Into the lap of tranquility
Where truth and lore stem out of granny’s tales
Courage is found in prayers
Resounding in temple bells
Chiming under the shadows
Of coconut and jack-fruit groves

I stood there,
To the whispering wind
Cradling me to melodies embedded in lingual drawl
Sung in a surreal quietness
Of senility, finding joy
In the bliss of meeting the young, 
Alive in silent conversations and forgetful memories

I stood there,
From a lineage of skyscrapers and dream merchants
Flocked in tinsel towns
Twittering through smart phones and Facebook,
A Click – swipe - click…on my phone’s camera
Eases out puckered images
Of the long corridors where I toddled
In frames of village miens
Seeping through the echelons of my existence
Shaping ‘Once upon a time’ pearls

I stood there,
Wishing for such transience to grace me again, Alive!

Back after a three day hectic trip, yet fulfilling, to our native town in Kerala, India.

Shared with Poetry pantry at Poets United and Open link Monday at IGRT. Long time since I came in. will come back soon to catch up others.


  1. Akila, this sounds like a very beautiful uplifting spiritual experience that really filled you with peace! I felt 'peace' and awe just reading it.

  2. shaping once upon a time string these impressions together nicely...lots of little things to take in...but makes for a good trip eh?

    hey got your tweet late...what was it you wanted me to look at for you? let me know and i will do that for you today...a little under the weather so i am laid up and resting....and have plenty of time...smiles

  3. Oh wow gorgeous and the images of your grandmother's kitchen so soothing, vivid writing and detail

  4. Amazing poem! Something about it reminds me of Walt Whitman.

  5. Wonderful! Love the way you describe your grandmother's kitchen, makes me think of my dad's mother and how her house was always filled with scents of home.

  6. You transported me through time and space to those groves, the smells, the remembering. Very beautifully written, rich with sensation. Love reference to temple bells, the whistling wind, the jackfruit groves. A lush poem.

  7. wonderful images and blessed poetic!love it! congrat.!

  8. Travel to memories has no barriers. What a beautiful journey you took and shared with us.

  9. finding joy
    In the bliss of meeting young blood
    Alive in silent conversations

    It is certainly good therapy to be nudged by young minds. It's a strong whiff of energy and power to rekindle the spent strengths of older folks. Nice thoughts Akila!


  10. "...grace me again..."
    Thank you.


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