Tuesday, July 16, 2013


(From google images)

Woven threads from
Stages of life, phases of relationships, new and old
Simmering to fragrance memories, and
Boiling to spill in oversight
Lending a few to vaporize
Kissing the air, embraced they fly
Shadowed in hopes of a better season
Where beads on the forehead would find hands,
Cherishing the sweet moments of a victory
Bequeathed to see wins and losses become passé
Living decorates experience
Flipping the pages
Beckoning the spirit to write its own tale
Evolving a wrinkled smile
Birthing shades of greys and whites
In Strands voicing loud the myriad hues
That chose to spin thoughts befitting that moment of present
Sans comprehensions, often, at the mercy
Of time, ticking away (precious in reflections) yet
They trudged on, holding onto the turf
Down but not dusted
Piling up into an alert stupor, when
The pace settles down to steady
To ponder on past servings of mirage
That drew the curve of assuaging desires
Painted surreal till drawn to the sun
Leaving the skin tanned to red spots
Soothed with toners
Watering down the scorching
Filtering the real, stemming out of perceptions
Filling in the abyss
The scales find their balance.

I took a cue for this piece from Claudia’s poetics for the weekend .

A BIG CONGRATS!! to the pub, the tenders and the whole lot of wonderful people here marching into the SECOND YEAR of dVerse Pub where poets and poems discover each other!!

I have been on and off for a while, trying to gather the spurting bubbles in a new phase of living (Yep! dotty began schooling). Have a hectic week ahead. Hope to catch up soon! J


  1. smiles...the journey of life...and its changes...hope the transition to schooling goes well...its a cleaving for the parents...and def not an easy one at times...hopefully though you soon find balance again as you do...hard to believe at times...sometimes it is just a differnt balance too..smiles.

  2. Really good use of active verbs that give life to this poem.

  3. Aren't we always finding our balance as we go through each stage of our life ? Lovely to see you and smiles from BC,


  4. A great use of heat in this poem .. to use it more as a metaphor with words like scorch and sweat.. liked it

  5. Finding our balance through the different stages of life is quite a skill!

  6. Loved all of the images woven together so masterfully!

  7. ....finding equilibrium is what we aim at the end of every situation we take in... it's def hard when we can't achieve balance in what we do... loved this Akila... & goodluck on your schooling... smiles...

  8. Finding balance is hard, keeping it is even harder ... Thanks for sharing, Akila

  9. smiles...good when the scales find their balance finally...not always easy...just like life..smiles...and congrats to dotty on starting school....a big step...hope she enjoys it

  10. Beautiful, that's how things are...sometimes even harder. Finding equilibrium help dispel negativity! :)
    So, li'l one has started, how time flies..I have been a bit irregular, hence I must have missed a few blogs. Shall check them out soon, Akila.


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