Sunday, June 9, 2013


Petals caressed
Satin touch flutters shy
Fingers tap to let free the dew
Fly, moist with fragrance
Anointing the senses
Bubbling down
Into poodles of joy
Drink to drench
Sip by sip down to the heart
Echoing ecstasy
Voiced, loud and clear
Bedazzled by the sense of touch
She stood transfixed
For moments…
Wish not to count them.


 Gazing at the rose
Cupped in the warmth of her palms
Cradled to love, tender and cosy
I stood there
Opening my eyes
Through, hers sans sight.


 Recently at a TV show a blind girl came and sang beautifully. Even more beautiful was her reactions to the accolades and comments that she got for her performance. Very expressive! They tend to that, I think. Their sense of beauty and joy is much more profound than ours that is often lost in sight.


Shared with Entwin(n)ed Poetics at the dVerse where Karin a/k/a ManicDdaily wants us to bring in our twin / explore opposites .


  1. Wonderful descriptions of the senses and the intensity that reflect what I also a think a blind person can feel.

  2. nice...very cool. what a performance that must have been as well...and i bet it was unexpected as well...we used to have a blind piano tuner...he was amazing to watch....fascinated me as a kid...

  3. What a lovely performance that must have been ~ Who is blind indeed, good question ~

  4. You do a brilliant job of bringing the senses to life in this poem. I feel like I just experienced it.

  5. Beautiful. I especially like the opening.

  6. The rose cupped in the warmth of her palms is such a vivid phrase- a lovely portrait and contemplation. k.

  7. sometimes i think the blind indeed "see" much more than we who have eyes.. love how you describe her..

  8. Beautiful words sometimes the blind see better than those with sight as they feel deeply..

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