Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MOVE - a journey

Momentum chugs a motion of thoughts
Circuitous conscious conscience
Defines motives for the purpose of living
Translate into consequences
Promises an end, befitting

Ombudsman finds a place, within
Dissecting the means by itself
Gyrated by character, chained to perceptions
Snippets add on in the trail defining ‘Karma’
Sacrosanct to an individual alone and none other

Vehement pursuits and denials
Tuck and pull the string of deeds
Bed of roses is ethereal
Unpredictability becomes fear of unknown
Persuading to shelve the self.

Embodied in a wobbling toddler (slip, thud! slip, thud!)
A serviette is spread white and wide
To cradle residual titbits from mouthfuls
Wipe the fingers dry to feed, chew and assimilate
Till the next course is served on the journey

For Poets United where at Verse First ~ MOVE Kim, inspires us by a quote of Khalil Gibran, asks us to move our thoughts in that direction in not more than 20 lines.


  1. Oh, what a clever and innovative use of the acrostic! (*Adds to personal list of forms to try some time.*) I like the image of the toddler, grounding it all.

  2. Clever girl! An acrostic AND you totally nailed the prompt. Love the toddler stanza a lot.

  3. I like the acrostic poem Akila ~ I bet that last one was inspired with your active toddler ~ Smiles ~

  4. Like how you wrote your poem! can just see a toddler - slip, thud, slip, thud!

  5. An acrostic...what a lovely way to seal the deal with the prompt and the wobbling toddler along the slip thud slip thud ( how cruel of me)was ultimate image trigger.

  6. Great words and very well written, made me smile.

  7. Akila,

    I am very impressed by the style and the fabulous content of your poem. You cleverly got to mention so much, in so few moves:)

    Thank you for visiting my Blog. Much appreciated:)
    Nice to find your words, which appeal to me very much. Following your Blog, so that I can return to find you again, Eileen

  8. I love the way you start each verse with the MOVE letters - a very interesting acrostic. And I loved your last line - that gives me the feeling of nice anticipation.
    Dropping by from the Verse First linkup.


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