Sunday, May 12, 2013


Pies and tarts layered creamy
Cheesy dips to indulge
Juicy titbits for the sweet tooth
Fried crunches wait to be devoured
Taste buds tingled for cravings
Moments of ravenous appetite
Chomp! Chomp! Slurp! Slurp!
The clock is set aside
To meet her choices
Fulfilment sees her happy
Joy would penetrate her being
Through the layers into the cocoon
Built within the walls of herself
For the seed of life
Nurtured by her health and happiness


The clock commands
Winding through her daily routine
No other thoughts find place
Working in and around her focus,
Amidst a few mouthfuls,
Lying in tiny wails calling for her attention
Her bundle of joy.


Plans are laid
To suit the youthfulness
Coming back home
Yearning for magic, old and new
It gets better with time!!
The delectable menu pours love,
On which the young blood grew,
Love of mom who has had her fill
In fulfilling them
Wishes they are! Made of her
Small yet profound
Seeing her child in glee! Lapping up the last crumb
Time passes by, yet…a child
A child for her remains so, always.


Fledglings learn to fly
Harnessing dreams
Leaving behind memories
With the one to clock around them
To be fed and lived upon
She figures a path of her own
Out of her remnant desires
For herself
Still circling around her kids,


Life comes in a circle
Germinating again
Relationships step up on the scale
Making way for new love
To be fostered, nurtured
The batom is passed
The new mommy is getting ready.

Being fed with her choosiest choices

Doused with love, as always

The newbie mom wonders on the threshold

Where her mother stood once
Drinking, perhaps, the vibes of time
Sip by sip, savouring the flavours
Blending now, into this moment
To culminate into many more with time
Built with every ounce of her body and spirit

Beginning with the first bite 

Began a journey
With a swaddling foetus 
Appeasing the hunger of a curious mind
Satiate the pangs of a blooming teenager
Moulding herself along in motherhood
Equipping with much more than culinary skills
Tended by selfless love
Overwhelming her being and becoming
Building a new sanctum
Re-defining her life, herself
By a temptation
Nothing but the best to her offspring.

The shoes lay in wait

For the new mommy
Worn out by the miles run in mothering her, yet
Radiant in the spirit of the new journey
It began here, to begin again, multiply

The yummy milky-white melting choco fragment
Wrapped around her finger
Found its place soon
In her, for her and more within
Food is just the first serving of the course!

Food / nutrition becomes a point of focus for an expecting mother. In India, it is sort of a practice to call upon an expected mother with fruits and sweets or anything else that she may have a craving for at that time. The journey begins then where slowly the focus shifts for the mother from her to include the one within her and finally down to the child. It is much more than food, as the child grows, but given the themes this week at dVerse and Poets United, I just thought of focussing on the plate!
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  1. I'm glad I'd just eaten before reading this, you would have made me hungry with this perfect topic for Mother's Day!

  2. You made me hungry right away and I'm not even expecting!

  3. SO wonderful..... Happy Moms day Akila.......... ur Doddy is so lucky to have u

  4. Indeed life goes in circles.... sometimes back we were kids and now we have kids!!

  5. nice...i like how you use food as the metaphor in this....the stanza with beginning with the first bite in particular....wonderful tying it in with mothers day as well...i hope you had a great day!

  6. /The yummy milky white melting choco fragment/

    I like this line a lot - it sort of sums up the whole poem of nourishment and nurture for Mother's Day.

  7. An excellent series here. I love the way you used food in each one. I see food as representing the love that is passed on from one person to another. Enjoyed the last line...that food is only the first serving of the course. SO very true. Hope you had a good day!

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  9. very appetizing descriptions and food is such a good metaphor :-)

  10. Your first poem is an utterly entertaining piece on the process of maternity.

  11. This is a wonderful journey, through the seasons of a life, coming back full circle as the daughter begins her trek into motherhood. It works wonderfully to use food as the cohesive ingredient in each stanza.

  12. wow..that gave a really cool inside into a different culture...and what a journey motherhood is indeed

  13. I love the tradition in India of bring desired foods to pregnant thoughtful. Beautiful insight into your country and its beautiful spirit.

  14. This was very enjoyable writing! Thanks!

  15. The first and last verse made me hungry and I just had dinner ~

    Good to see you Akila ~ Have a good week ~

  16. A wonderful poem of the whole life cycle from mother to mother!

    1. PS I saw that you posted a re-edited version of your response to mine, at my blog. I tried to delete the original and leave the edited version, but I got it wrong and did it the other way around. Sorry!

  17. Sure brought forth the hunger indeed here at your feed

  18. It's interesting to know of how other mothers survive! Motherhood is not just a privilege but a challenge! Nicely Akila!


  19. Your poem made me hungry - pies and tarts layered creamy - oh yum.


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