Thursday, May 16, 2013


A spectacled view from a faraway horizon
Beyond the contours of this big-bang creation
Renders me -
A miniscule of thought amongst zillion atoms
Meandering through mitotic reactions
Draping into a droplet, a bouncing bubble, sometimes
Making and breaking into elements in the ocean of imaginations
A spot, spotted in the light; visible in the dark
Seeming nothing but an engulfing abyss yet, radiating
Particulate matter, breathing in and out
Myriad creations co-exist
Functioning for self and others, conscious of their presence, yet
Unconsciously, fathoming the concept of survival
Bringing onto the canvass a speck, a stroke, knitted 
With love…
Love it is! The beginning and the end of the journey
From the womb of living, enveloping the static
A wisp of air becomes impeccable
With greenery swaying to the chirpings
A whiff of rain-laden mud unifies the five elements
Scented, symbolising purity
Of elemental essentials and so the heart
Laughter is infectious, tears see only solitude
The psyche leans towards the comfort of a happiness
Howsoever unknown or alien, yet
I seek glory in unbecoming
Shadowing in barriers built on flesh and blood
Degressing the natural offsprings
In a fortress that harbours me, me alone
  Decanding the spirit of the spring
Where the lush-green grass shares its nuances
Crawlers work in tandem, ignorant of individuality
I stand, apart, challenging a coherent existence
With no foresight of a quarantine
When the flowers would choose to close on me
When the grass would wilt under my foot
Trees would drop down under their roots
Air and water would come to a standstill in no figurative terms
What will it take them to conspire against me? -
A newbie to their being, relatively
Rancour divides me into lifeless fragments
When all for life, I need to give is an ounce of love!

Shared with Poets United – Verse First ~ A Place in The Universe


  1. I love the way you have embodied the enigma of the universe and yet still presented yourself with such clarity. Amazing job!

  2. This is a wonderfully comprehensive read and I especially love the closing lines, where all you need is an ounce of love. Great write!

  3. This is indeed a wonderful poem.

  4. I like the mitotic reaction, and very well you have fitted it in the poetry. Being a biology student all my life, I never imagined poetry in it, but now I think I will.
    thank-you so much:)

  5. You have really expanded your thoughts well in this poem. Love the idea that laughter is infectious, and I agree with that; and an ounce of love is worth more than its weight in gold!

  6. "Love it is! The beginning and the end of the journey"...true! Deep descriptions of the journey throughout your piece. And as your ending sums up, a little love can go a long way! Strong work.

  7. "Laughter is infectious, tears see only solitude
    The psyche leans towards the comfort of a happiness"

    I love these lines....... well said akila

  8. I also love the lines: "Laughter is infectious, tears see only solitude. A beautifully crafted poem.


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