Thursday, May 2, 2013

AUTHENTIC LIFE - a journey...

Juggling through life and its myriad ways

A mother, wife, daughter, friend wonders

What is her most innate desire, for herself?

One to breathe, live, pushing aside the brows, momentarily atleast

Measured by expectations blending into perfection suiting the heart

A unique proposition translating into her choice of drapery

She dissects, stitches to unravel her place of being

To open, fly, dive and savor moments of oblivion

No questions asked, neither of her nor time; no task set to be a superwoman

Bliss! …till wishes taper into segmented reality that bites till spit, chewed, digested

The clock beckons, raising the curtains on the show running today

Calling for thoughts and motives authenticating her diverse roles

She contemplates in a silent solitude, hoping to find her true calling some day, one day.

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  1. Good luck! k.

    (ps - this is Manicddaily, from - Blogger wants me to use wordpress. k.


    1. Sorry - I meant - blogger wants me to use an old BLOGGER account, not wordpress.

      Good luck with your search - a poem that is easy to relate to.

  2. A beautiful poem so many women can relate to. In the midst of all we are, we search for that part we need to be.

  3. WOW! This is exactly right. We have roles to play, curtains to raise, and the clock is the arbiter along with our willingness. I love this: "She dissects, stitches to unravel her place of being ..." Your theatrical metaphor goes deep. I used to value the praise for perfection above all, but I am now retired! (There is life after!) I appreciate your comment on my writing as well.

  4. It can be challenging to juggle all the roles we must.

  5. You've hit reality on the head with this open, honest revelation. I think sometimes we undervalue the roles we play and the fact that we wisely chose to do so. They are authentic. Our chosen roles as mother, partner, nurturer, homemaker are life-changing, world-altering, vastly significant.

  6. There is a lot of meat to what you write. And most often, until retirement age, we women have little time for that sort of contemplation. Luckily we have learned to take some time for and to ourselves.


  7. You have nailed it. I agree with Kim, the roles we play to change us and grow us....but also, there is that inner self that wants to find a way to have something that is totally one's own. I believe poetry does that for us. A great response to the prompt, Akila!

  8. Really thought provoking and there is a lot to take in. Strong words and well crafted.

  9. This resonated with me! I especially liked the line' she dissects, unravels her place of being' It speaks to women's attempts at make-overs to please others. Along the way, one hopes, we learn to please ourselves!
    Meeting Rumi's Beloved

  10. As a Mom, lots of your lines spoke to me - No questions asked, neither of her nor time; hoping to find her true calling some day, one day. Someday..

  11. I love it. A nice reminder to cherrish the roles we already play, wether we have dreams that dance in our mind or not.

  12. A challenge to juggle roles, but I hope you find yourself much sooner than I did. Thankfully I am finally on the path of my dreams.

  13. My favorite aspect of this poem was the curtain, by turns reamed, veiling, draping... and waiting to be raised. The multiple roles I still play as well, and the balance is never easy.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with this. Amy


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