Thursday, May 23, 2013


A strand of hair
Dappled with light through the window
Crack the rind
Droplets cling onto me
From the water in the basin
Through my hands, up on my sleeve
Expose me in the reflection.

Malingering from the inevitable
Splinter of thoughts pace
Habituated to find a reason
From an inventory of escapism
Into tomorrow’s convenience.
Oodles of euphemisms present
For the fidgeting mind
To pick and choose from a platter of illusions
Soaked pure!!
A Quirky vegan tangy tale! Braised for the toothless
Removes shucks in a momentary solitude
Revealing vices left in the skillet for long
Refusing to die
The flaming ember wrings my wrist
Burn my fingers.

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  1. oodles of euphemisms? my favorite! :)

  2. I can see how the words have inspired this scene. I like the fact you used many metaphorically, rather than literally and the last three lines are the perfect ending.

  3. The platter of illusions can burn more than just the fingers ~

  4. An inventory of escapism is such a great line. I certainly have a large inventory of that kind. It moves well with the rang and quirkiness and fun of this poem. Thanks. This is Karin by the way of Manicddaily. Thanks.

  5. Lost in thoughts we can wander anywhere, but have to come back to reality...

  6. The fidgeting mind needs to be careful around the skillet!


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