Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WHO TEACHES WHOM? - a trip down childhood...

I take a trip down the childhood lane
My three year old leads the way
I see a little of me in her
Of some of the child in her

She spins tales of her own
I listen….
Yes! She taught me to listen

I wonder
Who teaches whom?

She is quick to forget
My mind harnesses and recalls
Events not worthy of a mention

Insisting and enforcing, at times
For her to learn from mistakes
To believe in a sorry
While I indulge in self-defence.

She knows no ego
She knows nothing as tough
I find an alibi in them, in me.

She gathers more joy
I harbour more sorrow
She knows not to hide tears
I know not to fight fears.

She is blissfully ignorant
Frank to accept it
I am scared of the unknown
Lest it gives me, my excuses away

She laughs happiness aloud
I prefer to smile
Coherent with my painted demeanor.

She loves intuition
I seek shelter in ignorance
Sans a frank admission
Seeking explanations in perceptions.

She is innocently frank
I am knowingly rude.

She displays adulthood, at times
Amusing me, herself and others
I hide my childishness
Lest I become a laughing stock.
She sees wonder in the small corners
Corners that I have rounded off in daily humdrum

Why does it change as we grow?

Or have I changed?

Who teaches whom?

I teach her to live life
She teaches me to love life.

A pretty longish one, originally written for ManicDDaily Sunday prompt and as always missed our Mr.Linky to be here for the Open link night. I seem to be loving missing the first compartment but being just in time to board the last coupe! :)



  1. kids teach us the most amazing things...and as we try to teach them...if we are paying attention...they teach us so much as well...very cool poem...and true...

  2. This is beautiful. The heart of a mother is well captured in your poem. Kids do teach us, and we them, it's a beautiful amalgamation of growth, if we allow it to be. Well penned :)

  3. can teach us valuable lessons on life..i sometimes think it's a constant teaching each other and learning from one kids are 18, 20 and 22 now and the learning never stops..smiles

  4. Akila, your lessons from your 3-year-old remind me of the lessons from my 5-year-old granddaughter. I DO learn so much from her and hope she learns half as much from me. I will miss her daily companionship when she is in school next year. She is such a wonderful observer / experiencer of life. So confident. I love the age. And what fun we have.

  5. I love this Akila ~ We teach our children the ways of life, but really they are teaching us how to love and live our life more fully and joyfully ~ Who is teaching whom indeed ~

  6. everything about this is wonderful. I have a few little friends and they teach me so much. love this!

  7. Your words are so spot on. Such truth in them. A wonderful piece Akila.

  8. A lovely reflection of our children as teachers.

    They remind us of the bliss of finding happiness pleasure in the slightest thing, the wonderment of discovery - they remind us of what we have lost as we battle with adulthood...

    We teach them so much too it is true - sadly, they remind us of what we have forgotten.

    Anna :o]


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