Sunday, April 7, 2013


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Phew! she sighed. An acclaimed athlete that she was, I had never seen her gasping for a breath on the running track as much as I saw her doing now, amidst gulps of water. She had dashed through the arrival lounge straight into the car, leaving the shutter bugs far behind in the trail.

A lot had changed since the time we met first. She was the media’s hot spot now, a far cry, from the girl sporting a bunch of loosely – tied, uncombed hair, clad in a short blouse and a low – waist skirt flowing down till her heels, little exposing her over-sized slippers but… for her glistening eyes.

They were the same since the day I first saw them, epitomising the spirit of life and living against all odds, while I was waiting for my monotonous journey to continue in my forty-fifth year in this busybee world. They were the same since the second her hands were thrust into mine by a distressed soul, with a hurried whisper, “please take care..” only to vanish in the crowd.

They were the same since that moment I realised the woman in me shaping into a mother on this day, a decade ago, amidst the hustle and bustle on that platform no.10 of Chennai railway station, when my footsteps led me to build a home for her.

Today, I feel blessed!

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  1. Akila---that's a quick n crisp! ATB for BAT~

  2. I read and then I had to read it again to put everything in place.
    I like a quick read! All the Best for BAT!

    Rumya - The Woman on Platform No. 10

  3. That was a good one Akhila :) Short yet powerful. Good luck for BAT.
    Avada Kedavra - The woman on platform 10

  4. Very nice one akila!

    First time blogatoner....shreyasi

  5. You kept it concise and yet managed a splendid write up.
    All the best for BAT.

  6. very crisp and subtle
    ATB for BAT :)
    do drop in at:
    Karan - Grand Salute

  7. Short and smart write up. Good one :)
    All the best for BAT


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