Monday, April 8, 2013


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Open Link Night ~ 91

“Keep my mails!”

At his best behaviour
The watchman responded
Screeching the gates to open
To let the boss drive out, to be back
“In a day or two”…

Aware of the condition
Knowing the inevitable
Offering extra time to guard…
While the boss attended to his precious….

Courtesy provoked the watchman
To check
“Tickets to hometown? “
A questioning look came in an answer
Sought by 
“Would you not let the soul mate with the earth?”

A momentary pause followed
Broken by a clarification 
In the same vein
“Don’t you bury or burn…?” ...

By a sigh, a smile…finally…
“Oh! My grandma is still alive!! “

 Based on a true incident - a conversation between the watchman and husband about his ailing grandma...

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  1. A very moving anecdote here, Akila.

  2. “Would you not let the soul mate with the earth?” interesting conversation for sure..and glad that grandma is still alive..

  3. ha. a pretty cool anecdote...glad gramma is still alive...ha

  4. the ending was fine..interesting conversation.Akila Smiles:) God<3U

  5. Brief glimpse into a moment's conversation. To me it spoke of our reluctance to address the question to one another such as "How's your grandmother?" It's hard to be direct when you're not sure.

  6. All's well that ends well, perhaps a sweeter conclusion come of the interceding anxiety and uncertainty.



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