Sunday, March 24, 2013


Spotted, striped
In vivid hues
Supplement my demeanor
Complement the masks worn...multi-faceted!
To Purr, whine, bleet…
In and out
Hiss, growl…
Wildly loud yet, silent
I dart across horizons
New, and old re-visited
Cooing and cawing
I squeal out the spirit
Assimilating the milieu in my senses
Fathoming my boundaries
Dwelling in Retrospection
To sync with the prospective, hopefully
While diving new shores
Flapping to throw a few droplets...Rejuvenating
Gliding, breaking into a flight
Cutting through the wind...
In pursuit of
the story
About Me
Beneath the layers
in black and white
Just me.

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Sunday Mini-Challenge ~ Release Your Inner Wild Woman

imaginary garden with real toads


  1. Here's a bouquet from me for those beautiful lines :)
    "In pursuit of the story About Me" everyone should make a run...

  2. Oh I LOVE this! Yes, fling those droplets, cut through the wind, squeal and caw. The boundaries grow more distant as we age - at some point they disappear (but that is likely senility, and we Wont Go There, hee hee). Great response to the prompt, kiddo.

  3. Wow, I loved wondering about the wild beneath your layers!
    Fun to read and left to our own imagination

  4. Break out open from the black and white ~ Like the energy in your words ~

  5. smiles...i like the freedom found the further this goes along in being just you...that is a true freedom there...nice conrete images as well...the flinging water....

  6. I enjoyed this. The exploration of the different layers of 'me-ness' can be a very worth while and meaningful endeavor. And 'rejuvenating' as well!

  7. Lovely the birdlike metaphors.


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