Monday, October 17, 2011


Meandering life
embraces a maze of moments
Anarchic mind abets
Not of my kind

Soporific charm hides chasm
Kindling joy and sorrow.

For every task, I have a mask
One lives without a trace
One reveals the true face
One not seen in the mirror
One different in demeanour.

Through mitotic phases

Mask paints me in varied faces
As mother, father, sister, brother
Aunt, uncle, just a fellow another.
Some speak truth, some are lies
Some are salty, some have spice
Some are right, some cry foul
Each one is food for soul.

Do I live and die in mask? I ask,

I learn to live, live to learn
In a mask at every turn
To be me myself is all I crave
Sans mask I shall go to my grave.


  1. Dear Novel,

    One more place to connect. This is a
    thoughtful piece :)

  2. Ghazala!

    yep, but very irregular here, so is evident from my reply to our comment! :)


  3. True. We are in such a society where everyone wears a msk.


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